1. How safe are your shows?
Every program is designed and conducted in such a way that ensures complete safety of its participants and viewers. Our managers always suggest the most suitable programs for kids of various age, to ensure that everybody has fun, while being taken care of by our anchors. We work only with non-toxic, safe materials, following all possible safety measures and encouraging the spectators and participants to take all safety measures as well. Safety is our №1 priority!
2. How many participants can be a part of your performance?
The number of viewers for our shows is UNLIMITED. At the same time it is important to remember that most of our programs are interactive, which means that kids not only watch the program, but also participate in the experiments. That’s why we usually set the optimal number of people for our kids shows as 25-30.
In case of activities and shows for corporates, the number of participants is always unlimited and can be restricted only by the timings, for which you hire the activity.
In all cases our managers are always ready to assist you in choosing the right program for your celebration and make sure evrybody gets most out of it!
3. What is the age group of the participants?
For kids shows: our programs will be interesting for kids at the age of 6-15. Most of our programs are universal, but depending on the age of certain children, we suggest different packages and experiments, which according to our experience will satisfy them the most.
As for the programs for grown-up audience, here we have no limit to the age :) Our shows have always been a special moment for all: inquisitive students, serious businessmen and respected ladies and gentlemen!
4. Where do you conduct your shows?
We are a mobile entertainment group, and conduct our activities absolutely everywhere: in the house, school, university campus, malls, restaurants and stage setups…We are ready to rock at every venue :) Being based in New Delhi, we also perform all around North India and major cities in other states
5. Do you have an office where my kids can come and particpate in your workshops?
As it was mentioned in the qestion 4, we are A MOBILE show and perform exclusively at private parties. You are most welcome to visit our Crazy Lab flat in New Delhi, where we store our crazy equipment and materials to discuss the bookngs and other details, but the shows and activities are available only at the parties.
6. Do you conduct free charity performances?
Definitely YES! We truly believe that all kids have the equal interest and excitement to be happy and learn a lot of new things, and for those who are not equally blessed to afford our show we perform for free during charity concerts, at NGOs and others.