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10 Best ideas of return gifts for science Birthday Party

If you decided to throw a crazy science party it’s better to stick to the theme till the end. Every experienced mom and dad knows that a party finishes when young guests grab their return gifts and happily leave the celebration. That’s why we gathered some ideas about return gifts for a science party that will make your fest fully thematic.

1. Science kits

Young inquisitive minds will be happy to get electricity from lemon, make their own slimes or erupt a  volcano.  These and many other fantastic experiments are provided in scientific kits. Wide range of assortment can meet the needs of everyone’s taste and budget.

Here are some links where you can order the kits:

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Invitations for a science theme Birthday party

What does every Birthday party start with? In the Lab of Crazy Scientists we believe that every celebration begins at the moment when your guest receives an invitation from you, so be creative and amaze your guests with a super cool scientific invitation card. Let them feel they are going to be a part of some unique event – a crazy science patry!

Creating your own invitation is a challenging task! But don’t worry, the Lab of Crazy Scientists will help you to make an awesome invitation for your science party!

science party invitation

STEP 1. Content

Let’s start with the information on a card.

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TOP 10 Ideas for Science Party Decoration

“The Science theme party it is!” Well, well, well! After long discussions, doubts and talks with the family you have finally decided to go for a science themed birthday for your child this year.  But as much exciting and interesting the idea sounds as many more questions start popping up in your head:  “What should we do for science party decoration?” “Which Birthday cake shall I choose?” “What can we offer as a return gift for a science party?” and many other challenges are waiting on your way to the successful celebration, which you definitely want to be a great talk among parents afterwards. In the Lab of Crazy Scientists we understand you as nobody else, as we know that science birthday party idea is relatively new for India, but still lots of families already got a chance to organize an amazing science party in Delhi, Gurgaon and Mumbai. That’s why we have come up with TOP 10 ideas for a science party decoration, which we hope will be useful for our Moms and Dads to plan a perfect celebration for their kid. A bunch of balloons hanging around has always been a savior in terms of time and financial investment, but here we will demonstrate how to bring your party to the next level by adding a few easy and affordable things.

1.  Let’s start from the entry to your party venue.

Make your guests feel the secret science atmosphere from the gate: a poster with entry authorization, polyethylene curtains and stripes will add a mystery for every new-comer.

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Birthday Celebration in Gurgaon

It is always challenging, but still exciting for every Mom to organize a Birthday party for her child! When you literally run out of ideas of how to surprise your guests with something new and unseen before enertainment- the Lab of Crazy Scientists will help you out! Here is the Birthday party entertainment in Gurgaon which we put together for 7-year old Girvaan in Gurgaon: Alchemists science show, SPINART and nitrogen ice-cream for dessert.

Science Birthday party Delhi GurgaonLiquid nitrogen ice-creamSPINART Gurgaon Delhi


WHERE and WHEN can we have a science show?

A science show can be booked for any type of celebration and for any type of the venue: for a Birthday party at home, restaurant or open ground, annual celebration in college or school, or Science Day in the classroom, Diwali celebration, New Year function, Teachers’ Day..wwoooww, there so many occasions to have an amazing science show from the “Lab of Crazy Scientists”. We can work with any number of participants – whether it is a few kids during the private celebration, or a few hundreds at the concert show on a stage! All the parents of Delhi/NCR, what are you waiting for? :)


What is the show “The Lab of Crazy Scientists”?

Being the trendiest entertainment for kids birthdays in Delhi/NCR, this is an interactive show-program for kids from 5-15 years old that consists of dozens of various awesome and interesting experiments. During the performance kids not only watch, but actively participate in the experiments. How cool it is to conduct your own experiment and feel like a real scientist! It is so much fun and educational! You can order the science show in Delhi/NCR to ANY place, and to ANY type of the celebration :)



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